A Rose By Any Other Name A Rose By Any Other Name

A Rose By Any Other Name

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What was once two is now one

Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp (RRSC) began 16 years ago to provide physical, emotional, social, and mental revitalization    to stroke survivors and their caregivers. A few years later Strike Out Stroke (SOS) began to spread the F.A.S.T. message to attendees of major and    minor league baseball games. These two organizations have now come together under the umbrella organization United Stroke Alliance. 

So, as you can see, Stroke Camp and Strike Out Stroke have joined together to form a single organization, United Stroke Alliance with all the same individuals running the programs. By joining together, we can continue to provide all the wonderful programs you’ve known for years to come. Watch for additional programs as we expand services. This is an exciting time.