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Testimonials What People Are Saying about Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp


Expand their horizons

I see people make new friendships, believe in themselves again, challenge themselves, expand their horizons.

Marylee Nunley

Executive Director - Our Organization

Peoria, IL



Since Bob's stroke over 3 years ago, the four camps we have attended have been our foundation of hope, support, education, positive networking, and friendships. To be part of a group which truly accepts and nourishes who we are, as either a survivor or caregiver, is extraordinary.






The entire experience was unforgettable and I will carry it with me always. I have volunteered many times, but never have I worked with a nicer group of people and felt more "inspired".

Occupational therapist/volunteer


Journey of almost 30 years

Amanda had her first manicure as she had always been embarrassed at the way her hand looked. All her life Amanda had been looking to fit in and for someone to understand what her life was like, after a journey of almost 30 years, she had finally found what she had been looking for.
(Amanda had a stroke in 1984 at 1 day old.)


Amanda's mom/caregiver


Most gratified

I am most gratified when I see caregivers and survivors enjoying themselves when they are engaged in different activities and interacting with others.





New hope for the future

What I like most about camp is watching campers evolve and grow! Seeing newbies transform from shy, hesitant, and withdrawn to engaged participants with new hope for the future. Seeing the continued growth of return campers and to watch this growth continue year to year.





New sense of Hope

We wanted to thank-you form the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to participate in such a life changing weekend.  Brian came home with a new sense of Hope, Kira with a sense of gratitude, and our 4 yr. old is asking when we can return. This was an amazing event that we were blessed to share.  Words can never express just how much this retreat helped our family.




Our attitude has changed

Our attitude about Paul's stroke and to each other has changed tremendously since camp!





Relentless pampering

A 48-hour caregiver respite. Relentless pampering by the staff and by the volunteers. Caregiver-to­caregiver sharing as well as survivor-only activities.  Fun and games. Arts and crafts. Music and laugh-out­loud skits. Educational. Practical. Spiritual. Best thing we've done in 11 years.





Renewed energy

Being able to see how the survivors and caregivers have developed and progressed since their hospitalization brings me hope and renewed energy. 





So loving and caring

My experience was a well worth trip to Mt. Charleston, there was so much offered that you never was bored and excited to move on to the next adventure.  Everyone was so loving and caring its amazing the feeling you get from being with people who truly care. I'm a Voluntary at Siena and I will to all my patient who had a stroke to be aware of Stroke Retreat and how you can live after a Stroke and mostly to experience happiness and hope again. Keep it going worth coming to. Blessing, Cordella Rubin

Cordella Rubin


Las Vegas, NV


Survivors my age

I most enjoyed the camaraderie with other stroke survivors my age.





Total acceptance

The thing I like most about Stroke Camp is meeting and connecting with other survivors and the total acceptance you feel from everyone. I honestly believe you could add the word 'vital' to your list of adjectives.





Truly heartwarming

When you see something as simple as Stroke Camp make such a big difference in the lives of stroke survivors and caregivers it is truly heartwarming.  Knowing that our support provides such a positive experience for the campers and the volunteers is a true gift.

Neurological Institute Comprehensive Stroke Center

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center - Illinois


Very humbling experience

I got a glimpse into what caregivers do 24/7. A very humbling experience. 






My husband and I look back on Stroke Camp as a turning point in our marriage and family life. Things had deteriorated pretty badly after my stroke, but camp showed us a new way. We backslid a few weeks later and then my husband really decided to make things different and it has been WONDERFUL! We are so grateful for all Stroke Camp meant for our kids and us.